Monday, August 25, 2008

My life SUCKS!!!

So, I just finished my first day back and it wasn't so bad. I'll have some homework and I have to actually attend class this semester, but all in all not so bad. Its great starting a second year and knowing where everything is, and already having friends and stuff.

So why does my life suck, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you why. I somehow contracted a virus on my computer. (Maybe I was trying to watch TV on foreign websites...I dunno...) It was annoying at first, but now its just scary and EXTREMELY frustrating! Especially since I didn't get my music backed up before my computer started blue-screening repeatedly and finding virus after virus in system files. No bueno. (By the way, Valerie it would be awesome if I could borrow your CD collection again...) So in addition to cleaning over Labor Day, I will also be reformatting my laptop. (Party at my house for like a MILLION hours!)

Life also sucks when you are broke. My loan check still hasn't come so I can't afford to buy books. I need books. Especially for Russian. Learning an alphabet is hard without a book.

I'll be much happier when I can type blog posts on my own laptop in bed instead of downstairs in the computer lab. But for now...My life SUCKS!!!