Monday, September 28, 2009

It's my birthday soon!

On the phone with my mother...

Mom: "What are you going to do for your birthday?"

Me: "Well, it's a big one. 21! I'll probably just go out with my friends to dinner, maybe have a drink."

Mom: "Oh Lord...What kind of drink?"

Me: "Milk, Mom. What kind of drink do you think I meant?"

Mom: *Huge Sigh* "Okay..."

Now, she did not ACTUALLY mean "okay." She meant "okay" in a "if you want to ruin your life by falling victim to the sauce, go ahead" kind of way. But, I refuse to be discouraged. I know I will not become an alcoholic, even if my mother doesn't. So, I will go out, have fun, and yes - I will even have a delicious fruity something or other as well.

Hmm...What else is going on in my life? Oh! I walked into class today and realized that I had not bought the book that we were going over that day. I don't think I'm going to buy it. Well, maybe. I mean, we aren't reading the entire thing. My prof had us buy 3 anthology things and The Prince, which I think is a little ridiculous. So...I dunno. We'll see what happens.

The roof in my house, leaks when it rains. I mean, leaks significantly. There is a wet spot in the living room with about a 12 inch diameter. So, yesterday I told our maintenance man who lives across the street what happened. I don't especially like dealing with Boris (who is an "Alien Folklore" expert). Honestly, he creeps me out a little, and it's just difficult. I don't know if he is or formerly was on drugs, or if he has some kind of permanent brain injury, but you have to say things a MILLION times. I feel like I am talking to a child who is insistent that they know better when really, they don't.

I told him about the leaks, and he said he would check the roof out. I then told him that I felt like something should be done about the inside as well, to repair the water damage and prevent mold. (As someone with a mold allergy living in this house, I think SOMETHING should be done. Especially when there are already mornings that I wake up with trouble breathing from God only knows what circulating in the air.) Well, Boris disagrees. And he probably could have been a little more polite in disagreeing. I didn't appreciate his condescending tone. So. I will probably be calling the landlord.

Also, I have trouble figuring out the cable bill sometimes. Being an adult is hard.

But I am still super-excited for my birthday AND my party in a week and a half! YAY.