Thursday, March 19, 2009

To my dear Blog regarding the subject of: Braces

My, oh my, it has been quite a while, hasn't it my lovely Blog? I apologize. My only excuse is that it seems like nothing interesting has happened to me recently. Other than a few VERY strange dreams, life has just been life. Now I am on Spring Break and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to update.

I got braces on Tuesday, hence the reason for the title of this post. They are uncomfortable. to say the least. Everyone keeps telling me that I will be glad when it is all done, and I'm sure that is a true statement. Right now though, I just wish I could bite into things. I'm also paranoid about breaking something in my mouth. There are other aspects to this like the glue still stuck to my teeth that are unpleasant to think and talk about, so I just won't go into them.

I went to a friend's house last night and made drinks for the people that were drinking because I could not partake. I also ate pizza with a fork and knife in minuscule pieces. My sister saw Madeleine Albright the other day. I am seriously SO jealous. She even got her to sign her book. Why can't we get someone like her to come to MY school? All we get is stupid old Vicente Fox. Yeah, she's also the one going to Uganda. Our mother keeps asking if my brother-in-law is really "letting" her go to Africa. "Letting" her? Yeah, that's Mama.

Saw my Gram, she is okay. We are going to take her out to lunch either tomorrow or Saturday. If Aunt Betty is reading this she should contact Mama for more details and come with.

Since we last spoke Blog, I discovered a love of Pandora. Seriously, WHO thought of this? It is amazing and it knows exactly what kind of music I need for whatever I am doing (studying, Facebook, writing a paper, etc.). I love it so much.

I also got a Twitter. I would hook you guys up, but my Twitter... well, she can be short with people (140 characters or less) and I know how much you hate that. You like for people to be verbose and to talk around subjects before actually getting to the point. Plus, there's the fact that my Dad doesn't know about you (I don't think...) and Daddy's got a Twitter. I told him today that I had one as well, so its only a matter of time before he finds it. He's asked to be introduced to you on a couple of occasions, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. Hmm... we'll see.

Champagne Supernova just came on. I've gotta go. I'll try to not let it be too long before we speak again. Swear. No, really. Do you see my face? Okay, well do I sound insincere? There you go. I will be back soonish.

20 months of braces to go...