Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The time to leave is approaching fast!

Well, folks, I am getting ready to once again pack up and haul myself and a sizable about of my stuff to Denton for school. In about 2 weeks! I am SO not ready for this...I have too much to do and too little time to do it.

I go in on the 4th to have 4 teeth removed in preparation for braces (finally!). Among the four is the tooth that has been a pain in my...mouth...ever since it formed. It got infected soon after it erupted when I was 6, I had a pulpotomy (which is a pediatric version of a root canal). The crown proceeded to come off several times (a child should be able to eat fruit snacks free of the fear of ruining a tooth) over the next 10 years. At that point my dentist told me it was time to bite the bullet and get a root canal. By the of course, the root of my tooth had calcified and it would take several re-constructive techniques to save the tooth. I begged my dentist to let me have it pulled and be done. He won. I did everything humanly possible to save this tooth.

On the way back from visiting my sister for the fourth of July I was innocently chewing gum on the airplane. My jaw started to hurt. Curiously, it was around my "dead" tooth. I get home, take a nap, and wake up with a swollen jaw. NO FUN. That Wednesday I find out that it is re-infected. To make a LONG story short, (I know, I know, too late. That's what you think...) I am finally getting rid of this stupid freaking tooth on Monday! Sorry for the rambling, but you all know me...Some of you are related to me and know where I get it from.

Any extra prayers that can be thrown my way are very much appreciated! Also, for those of you in Houston: I would love to see you before I leave for school. If it doesn't work out, I understand, its all good, and I'll see you at Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Hugs from Me!

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Anonymous said...

Comment! Hi it's Julia! I cut my hair!! It's so short! It's all gone!
I think you writing this is cool. I don't call nearly often enough to know exactly what's going on with you. I actually thought about calling you earlier this week but I had to call someone else so I didn't... sorry! Lol.
We have to get together before we go back to school. Let me know when/if you're free!