Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ugh...That is the only word.

I am SO not looking forward to the Spring. This semester I will be putting therapy to full use. I will also need the support if my friends to reign me in and keep me I hope and pray to God that things work out to be better than I expect. I also really hope that the workload eases up a little. I fear in the Fall that I will have to cut back on activities. Its just not working, and I have to get my grades up if I want to have any hope of determining the course of my own life for the five years following my graduation.

My Facebook status today is that I am tired of dramatic updates. This is both true and hypocritical, because I am one of the MOST DRAMATIC people I know. If this blog post is too dramatic, well...whatever.

Also, I need a man.

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