Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Things About Myself, Courtesy of Facebook

I wrote this Facebook note a couple of weeks ago, and figured I'd copy it here for whoever reads this. I got tagged in a couple of "25 Things Notes" so I figured, "Why not?" Except that I didn't realize how hard it would be to come up with 25 things about myself! What does that say about me? Should I be worried?

It took me two days to think of 25 things about myself.

1. I really want to work at a truck-stop, classicy-diner-type place for a couple of months in my life. I want to do nothing other than pour coffee and ask people about their day, FOR MONEY.

2. My grandmother’s nickname for me was “Busy Beth.” I really worry that someone will turn that into something dirty one day. Seriously, guys. Don't do it. Not cool.

3. I’m pretty sure I’m done dying my hair, but I still wonder what it would be like if I went blonde. Not now, but when my hair is longer.

4. I not-so-secretly love 80’s Rock music. Metallica, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Dire Straits, Guns n’ Roses, and AC/DC; just to name a few.

5. I have VERY eclectic tastes in just about everything but food.

6. Speaking of food, I recently discovered that Pace now makes Extra Mild salsa, and am excited to try it.

7. I do not have a driver’s license as of yet. This WILL be remedied at Spring Break.

8. My laptop is named Bert. Bert is covered in stickers.

9. I liked college at first, but now I’m so ready to be done it’s not even funny.

10. My two favorite personality types in guys are “sweet, funny and a little shy” and “lovable asshole.”

11. I want a tattoo for my 22 birthday.

12. My favorite TV show on the air right now is Supernatural. I love it, but refuse to let myself become one of those people that let it consume them.

13. I love clowns, always have. I will never see “It,” lest Stephen King rip that part of my childhood from my heart.

14. I have finally decided that I think I want to work for NASA doing one of the “fake” jobs. Like PR, or legal. Something that doesn’t involve math, but I can still say I work for NASA.

15. I wish my sister was my best friend. I’m not sure I actually have a best friend right now. (Qualified applicants may inquire within.)

16. I love Texas, but I would like to escape and move to Washington, DC or Chicago.

17. I doubt that I will ever use my Russian.

18. I love fire! It is so fun to set fireworks off and make things explode! Even when you seriously injure a finger.

19. Being allergic to things makes me feel special.

20. I am 20, and it feels so good not to be a teenager anymore.

21. I know way more about dentistry than a non-dentistry student of my age should. This stems from having near-constant problems for 18 years straight.

22. One of the main reasons I picked UNT was that I liked the green and white color scheme.

23. My favorite place to go on vacation is my mom’s hometown, Fairhope. I used to have the best time there.

24. My ultimate goal in life is to get married and have kids. Lots of money would be a big plus, but I recognize that there is more to life than money itself.

25. My personal philosophy on life is “It’s nice to be nice.”

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