Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trip Part I

I have been visiting the Sister since Saturday, in Nashville, and it has been SO nice. I do a lot of the same things as I do at home, but now I do them at my sister's house and have two dogs (one lovely, one dumb) and a cat (who I am convinced is my soulmate) and my sister and brother-in-law around to keep me company. (During the day it's just me and the animals, though.) Also, the people here are SANE. That's such a nice change of pace from my neurotic mother.

I have been out of the house, though. Today, I went (seemingly) all over creation. I visited the area of town where VanderbiltUniversity is (also the super-trendy music district), West End and Hillsboro. It was good, and I saw the Nashville replica of the Parthenon, which is actually pretty cool and not as cheesy as it sounds. It is a full scale replica of the one in Greece and has a very lovely Athena inside the upper level.

I also went around the Vanderbilt campus where my sister works, which was SUPER lovely. *sigh* I wish my college were as pretty. Did you know it is ALSO an arboretum? I sure didn't!

After a productive lunch with my sister (yay for figuring out What's Next), I was pretty tired of walking and I decided to go chill at a famous coffee house where many a music industry person has been spotted (Ben Folds, anyone?). I hate coffee, and yet, I actually liked what I got. It was this chocolate-caramel thing that was SO good. Also, I got to read some of my book, The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue (VERY worthwhile read so far). I ate some wonderful salmon for dinner with fresh corn, cucumber, and feta salad which was delicious and I shall be making when I have my kitchen to work with!

All in all, been a pretty good vacation so far. We're headed to the in-laws house in Alabama tomorrow and will be taking the route that goes through Chattanooga and Atlanta, which I am excited to see. ALSO, we're eating breakfast at the Pancake Pantry, which is like, super-famous in the world of breakfast foods.

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