Friday, May 29, 2009

Nostalgia of a college Sophomore (or is it Junior now?)

I went with my mom to school today. This involved waking up just as I was settling into a comfortable sleep. That part I was not pleased with. The other thing I was worried about was being able to find things to do all day; because I was there ALL DAY.

I seriously would have just stayed in my mom’s room which is basically a computer lab and amused myself but Facebook and email is blocked by the district, so…yeah. It actually was not that bad. My mom is crazy paranoid that the little sociopaths she keeps would "do something" to/because of me, so I was told I could go to the library or the teacher’s lounge. Even though I think that the library at the school where my mom teaches is wicked cool, I opted to spend some time in the teacher’s lounge for a while.

I brought a book and my Zune with me which should have kept me entertained for hours. Well, when my Zune ran out of battery before it should have (a big, giant “FUCK YOU!” goes out to Microsoft BTW) the book got a lot harder to stay awake through. It’s a great book, but I woke up before the sun, y'all.

So, I decided to sleep. In the teacher’s lounge. Aside from the fact that I found myself wishing I had brought my mask with me to cover my eyes from the blinding fluorescent lights, I had a nice nap. Woke briefly to text and answer a call from my mom, but other than that I slept another 2 ½ hours or so.

At lunchtime my mom brought me something to eat, and I texted Kirk about the chola baby (since I was reasonably sure he was awake). After that, I started getting ready to move over to the Main Campus of the high school from the Ninth Grade Center that I currently inhabited.

I got to see my former Debate Peeps! I went to watch the class period being conducted by way of an Ultimate Frisbee game. It was good. It was outside. It was hot as hell. But it was STILL GOOD! I saw my little Elsa, who is going away to COLLEGE! I cannot even believe that they are graduating and that it had been two years since I'd been back there. It was weird.

I talked to my coaches (including one of the top 10 most influential people of my lifetime, Mr. Yarbrough), and that was good. That was also strange. I felt like I was back in high school, but…different. They told me I needed to change my entire life plan because what the hell "are you even going to do with that degree"? In some ways it was like I never left. In other ways it was like I had been gone for centuries.

Next Entry: My mother and her too-frequent use of the phrase, "We should dress you up and put you on a street corner."

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